Client & Parent Responses

Dear Myrna,

Thank you for helping me read and write. I can read words that I didn't know before. Sometimes I read to my little brother. I read my whole "Balto" book. Thank you for  the sticker book. I have twenty-three in it. I want to do one hundred this year. I hope to visit you again sometime.

Bye for now,


Dear Myrna,

We got your letter. We have done thirty words. I'm getting better at reading. We have not found a tutor yet but will soon. I am going to the library on Friday to get some books so I can read to my dad.   from Brady


I am Micah.I love so much to play soccer. I learned a lot from this program. One of the good things about this program is that it's fun to learn from the program.   

The following is excerpted from a detailed piece a mother wrote several years after her son Logan had done the Davis Reading Program for Young Learners with Myrna when he was starting first grade. The mother, it should be noted, continued to work conscientiously with Logan on program follow-up exercises after programming:

As the mother of my third child, I knew very early that something wasn't quite right with Logan..... After a neuropsychological work-up, the doctor confirmed my suspicions... he was diagnosed as having "deep dyslexia" [which] broke my heart. ...I ordered The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D. Davis [which] took me to Logan's world. The search [for help] then led me to Myrna Burkholder, a Davis facilitator.

[Now, two years later as he is entering third grade], Logan can read - not just sight words. He can actually read. He changed from being the boy in kindergarten who cried because he didn't want to go to school to a confident third-grader who reads aloud in class without hesitation. I cannot thank Mr. Davis and Myrna enough. Logan's learning to read has positively impacted all areas of his life. He is a confident, happy nine-year-old who loves to learn and knows he can.