Michiana Dyslexia Exclusive Offer

Michiana Dyslexia Exclusive Offer

Myrna Burkholder created a resource manual to help young readers improve their word recognition skills. Here is more information about it:.  

Sounding Out With Symbols: Phonics Simplified is a 214-page manual offering an alternative approach for working with phonics. 

  • It offers more than 2,000 practice words.
  • It is designed for beginning and intermediate reading levels.
  • It offers the reader the opportunity to see how a word "sounds" (using pronunciation symbols) and therefore to "sound it out" as compared to how it "looks" as it is spelled.    
  • It includes instructions for teachers/mentors to create their own word lists for use with students for review as they encounter challenging pronunciation issues with new words.

Word lists in the manual include:

  • Practice words using all the symbols for sounds used in the English language.
  • One-syllable words for beginning reading levels.
  • Multi-syllabic words for intermediate reading levels.
  • Words from several high-frequency word lists.
  • Practice words for consonant and vowel sound/letter combination.
  • Examples of homophones.
  • Practice words for word building using inflectional endings, compound words, contractions, prefixes, and suffixes.


Cost per for copy:

  • $25 per copy
  • Shipping and handling: 10% in the United States: 25% in Canada
  •  6% sales charge for copies sold in Indiana

Method of Payment: check or money order

Request an order three ways:

  • Call: 574-533-7455
  • Mail order to Michiana Dyslexia Correction Center, 906 South 8th Street, Goshen, IN 46526
  • E-mail: mburk@galaxyinternet.net  

For more information from the author, e-mail your questions to Myrna Burkholder at mburk@galaxyinternet.net.

Please note that Sounding Out with Symbols is not part of the Davis program and is not used as such within a program week.



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